• Micro Markets

    Unattended Retail Stores that break out of the confines of the basic vending machines by providing hundreds of snacks and beverages, along with healthy options, convenience and security.

Cutting Edge Concept

The Micro Market or Unattended Retail Store has revolutionized office refreshment services over the last several years. By breaking out of the confines of the vending machine we can offer over a hundred more snack and beverage selections, fresh fruit, large salads, and any package size in which the items you want are sold.

Healthy Options

By offering fresh foods in a grab-n-go format that can be handled, their freshness and contents can be closely examined. This brings in a wider clientele and we see an increase in participation in the settings where we place our micro markets. This cycle works fabulously, as we offer more healthy items like bananas, apples, hummus, yogurt, salads, nuts, and more we attract more customers who want them so we can offer even wider variety of these healthful foods.


The market is right there in your workplace, so sandwiches, wraps and salads are just a few steps away. The kiosk’s simple interface allows you to make a purchase in less than ten seconds. You can even do it without touching the screen.   Our kiosks accept cash, debit and credit. You can track your purchases on the web and print or email yourself receipts. We can fund your account with payroll deduct and use your employees’ badges as their account card.


Our markets are monitored by video cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We post signs letting our customers know that the market is being monitored. We place our markets in areas without a lot of outside traffic, only opening it to employees and guests. We have experienced few problems in the past five years in our nearly one hundred locations.

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